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The Form to Pay Money

Using the form below, you can pay money. When you pay money, you will get a text file with your verification block as well as a link to your proof. It's as simple as that. You can then display your text or link anywhere you like to prove to the world that you paid money, and the text is cryptographically verifiable through PGP or the Keybase website.

To further prove that it really was you who paid this money, you can add a custom message to your verification block. This can be a twitter handle or other personally meaningful bit of text that you don't mind sharing with everyone. It's a great way to really show the world that you paid money.

Just know that, upon submitting this from and completing the secure Stripe checkout process, you cannot get your money back. You get no material gain for paying money. You simply get to prove that you paid money. There are no refunds (because I can't unsign a PGP message) and you agree to this by completing the process.

Anyways, you can just get right down to it. Pay money and prove it!